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Please take a look at the following pdf documents for in dept detail about the formworks systems.

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Green / Recreation

We carry a complete line of forms used for "green" areas. These are areas that are otherwise full of grass or earth. "Green" area formworks have many uses such as parkways and driveways, parking lots, golf courses, terraces, gardens, green walls, concert venues, etc. The formworks are light, modular and elastic and what make them particularly useful in green areas are their hexagonal shapes which protect the underlying surface, which in most cases is grass. The formworks are quick and easy to assemble, have a non-slip contour, and are weather and moisture resistant. This makes them environmentally sound because moisture resistance means resistance to mold and other potentially harmful microorganisms. The non-slip holed surface provides the perfect water drainage system, eliminating mud and slippery surfaces.

A vegetated roof can be a major asset to a building’s developer and owner operator. By adding to the long term energy efficiency of a building and, as a result, reducing initial HVAC size requirements, first cost and operational costs for conditioning the building can be significantly decreased. Modeling by Environment Canada estimated that with grass in less than 4 inches of soil a one storey building would reduce summer cooling needs by 25%. Field studies in Ottawa Canada, found that a 6 inch extensive green roof reduced heat gains by 95% and heat losses by 26% compared to a reference roof.

In addition, jurisdictions in the U.S. are beginning to recognize the value of green roofs in stormwater management and are considering providing flow credits to those who install them. As this becomes more common, vegetated roofs are likely to become a preferred alternative to complex and/or land-hogging stormwater management techniques. These significant economic advantages, as well as multiple social and environmental, have proven vegetated roofs to add to a building’s overall value.